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Atlanta Convention Club Draft Begins!

Convention Club installments began being drafted on the July 10th draft. There will be 10 monthly installments; here is the registration rate information. If you would like to add additional registration(s) to your monthly drafts, please send an email to


1st Full Registration – one per franchise – required

Full Registration includes attendance to all official convention events including:

Welcome reception drinks and appetizers on Monday, 5/2/16
Breakfast, Lunch, Breaks, and Banquet Dinner on Tuesday, 5/3/16
Breakfast, Lunch, Breaks on Wednesday, 5/4/16
Breakfast, Lunch, Breaks and Finale event on Thursday, 5/5/16

Group Discounts:

1st Full Registration = $600 = $60 per month*

2nd Full Registration = $575 = $57.5 per month*

3rd Full Registration = $545 = $54.5 per month*

4th + Full Registration = $500 = $50 per month*

*assumes breakdown is over full 10 months – July 10th through April 10th. For registrants after #1, the applicable rate will be broken down among the remaining draft cycles through April 10th.

A la Carte Registration:

Monday = $75

Tuesday – Convention Only = $115

Tuesday – Banquet Only = $150

Tuesday – Full = $250

Wednesday = $115

Thursday – Convention Only = $115

Thursday – Finale Only = $125

Thursday – Full = $225


This year will be hosted in Atlanta Georgia, at the Marriott Atlanta Northwest Galleria. Our room rate is $140 per night.

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