Convention Award Winners

Convention is the most anticipated and exciting time of the year for all of us in the CMIT family! Because everyone is so dedicated and puts so much hard work into their business, it wouldn’t be right to overlook the major accomplishments we have made individually and as a team. As we prepare for our 2016 Convention in Atlanta, let’s remember award winners from years past.


Peoples Choice – Linda Kuppersmith
Mach I – Maggie & Marwan Al Halabi
Mach II – Allen White
Breakout – Larry Kerrigan & Greg Miller
Success Story – Larry Schweitzer
Tenacity – Nick LaRosa
Managed Services – Terry Whearley
Continuum – Larry Kerrigan
Mastermind Group – Drivers: Tom Burtzlaff, Mike Minkler, Glenn Burrell, Bob Schwegler, Bruce Newman, & John Smythe
Momentum – Armando D’Accordo
Technician of the Year – Steven Tylock
Area Developer of the Year – Tom Burtzlaff
Rookie of the Year – Amy Justis
Franchise of the Year – Shirley Peterson


Peoples Choice – Greg Miller
Mach I – David Usher
Mach II – Terry Whearley
Breakout – Steven Conyers
Success Story – Susan Bateman
Tenacity – David Merkin
Managed Services:
– Quarter Million – Tzvi Mayerfeld
– Quarter to Half Million – Steven Conyers
– Half to Three Quarter Million – Beth Burnside
– Quarter Million – John and Sue Smythe
Momentum – Cheryl Nelan
Mastermind Group of The Year – Accelerators: Kevin Baker & Ken Norvell, Geg Miller, Bob Riesenbach, Alun Roberts, Larry Schweitzer, Emory Simmons, Dallas Stewart, Rich Szymanski, & Jerry Treister
Million Dollar Club – Shirley Peterson, Mike Sabitov, John & Sue Smythe, & Bob Riesenbach
Community Service – Dallas Stewart
Technician of the Year – John Randall
Rookie of the Year – Maggie & Marwin Al Halabi
Presidents Award – Larry Kerrigan
Franchise of the Year – Bob Riesenbach

As we can see with the comparison of the 2014 awards and the 2015 awards, Convention is growing, along with CMIT Solutions. These Awards could not be given if it was not for the hard work and dedication that all of our franchisees display. Keep up the good work and we cannot wait to recognize our amazing franchisees at our 2016 Atlanta Convention.

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