3 Traveling Services To Help You Save Time And Reduce Stress

Traveling can be a big hassle. From dealing with long lines at the airport to problems with your flight, it’s no wonder most people would rather stay at home. There’s good news though. Innovative companies are working hard to make traveling a better experience.

As we prepare for Elevate 2016, we keep in mind how important it is to make sure our attendees got the most out of their trip. To help take the sting out of traveling, we have done some homework so you can relax and save time when on your trip.

Skip the line by joining the Global Entry program.
Have you noticed the TSA recently introduced a “fast-lane” at the security checkpoint? Have you watched enviously as another traveller breezed through security and into the terminal? Have you considered you could enjoy that VIP experience as well?

It’s not as expensive as you might think. A 5 year membership to the Global Entry program only costs $100 (and if you have the right credit card, it might be free!) The application process is lengthy, so if you think you would like to join, don’t delay and apply immediately.

Learn more about applying for Global Entry.

Get access to swanky airport lounges.

It’s no secret that major airports have exclusive lounges for their best customers. But did you know you could be hanging out in some of those lounges too? Loungebuddy is a free app for your smartphone that will help you find lounges in your airport, including ones you can enter for free!

If there aren’t any lounges you can enter for free, you can purchase a day pass in the Loungebuddy app. Airport lounges are a great place to grab a drink before your flight, network with other business fliers, and get away from the business of the airport.

Get connected with Loungebuddy.

If something goes wrong with your flight, get your money back.

How many times has your flight been delayed, canceled, or overbooked? How many times have you gotten paid for it? A little known secret is that you have the option to file a claim with your airline if something goes wrong.

Unfortunately, filing and managing a claim is a burdensome process, which is why many travellers never bother. Fortunately, Airhelp is changing that. The company makes it easy to file a claim, and once the claim is filed they will manage it for you.

If Airhelp is successful in winning your claim, they will keep 25% of the compensation. If Airhelp does not win your claim, you don’t have to pay anything. It’s a win-win solution to a common struggle for many travellers.

Bookmark Airhelp just in case something goes wrong.

We’re excited to see you at Elevate 2016 and hope you find these resources valuable in making your journey more convenient and stress-free. If you have any additional tips, please leave them in the comments below!


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