Tech Training

CompTia Certification at Elevate 2016

Below is the outlined proposed plan which has solidified a price point that will allow your franchise to send techs in for a complete CompTia Security+ certification. We’ve also outlined the Off-The-Street pricing so you can easily compare and know that we’ve worked hard to ensure you have the best option for Security+ certification.

Even if your techs cannot attend the full Elevate event, we’ve arranged the training to occur on Monday, May 2nd and the exam testing onsite for Tuesday, May 3rd. For those techs that can only attend the training on Monday, we will also have exam vouchers available after training that they can use to take the exams when they return to their home city. If your tech is attending this training/certification they will need to register as an Elevate attendee to be able to attend any of the events or meals.

Should you have any further questions regarding the training, proposed plan, or costs please email Ian Dodds at

To register for the CompTIA Security+ Certification, click here.

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Proposed Plan: CMIT CompTia Certification at Elevate 2016

  1. Pre-assessment of all CMIT
    • Technicians Includes group results and pass/fail for each individual
  2. Provide CMIT franchise technicians with CompTIA’s Security+ certification
    • Online study prior to event (approximately 20-40 hours depending on existing knowledge of technicians
    • 8 hour onsite review day
    • Onsite tutoring available
    • Onsite testing
  3. Apply for CompTIA Certified Team Awards
    • Departments can be listed as CMIT regions
    • 80% or more of technical staff must be certified by CompTIA
    • Minimum of 10 technicians per department/region
    • Award recipients receive plaque
    • Award recipients hosted on CompTIA website
    • Award recipients will be referenced in PR and CompTIA Certification newsletter

CMIT Pricing for CompTia Certification at Elevate 2016

Self-Paced Security+ Certification* $199.00 per student

*Self-paced solution includes an exam simulator. This has a guarantee to pass if the student completes/views 100% of the material and gets a 90% on the exam

Eight Hour Instructor Lead Training at Elevate 2016 Convention – Pricing by # of Students Registered

40 $150 per student
35 $165 per student
30 $175 per student
25 $185 per student
20 $200 per student
15 $225 per student
10 $250 per student
Onsite exam for both exams $338.30 total
Total cost per student at 40+ students $687.30 per student
Apply additional NetCom discount of 20%

TOTAL: $650.30 per student Total for online training, instructor led course, tutoring, and two exams

Average Cost of Security+ Certification Off-The-Street-Pricing

Online self-paced training $395.00 per student
Online/Onsite Instructor Led Training $495.00 – $400.00 per student PER DAY
Most require one week minimum per exam $2,475.00 – $1,999.00 per student
Exam Cost $398.00 total for both exams
Total cost for Instructor Led Training $2,674.00 – $2198.00 per student per exam
Online Self-Paced Only with Exams $793.00 total per student

Anyway you calculate it, getting your certification at CMIT Elevate 2016 is the best option!